Shit!!!!Is tha' yo' MOLA or ya mobilephone!!!!!
by Anonymous June 5, 2003
Headed to Mola's house for Thanksgiving.

Dude, my Mola loves me.
by Jonathan Wylde December 18, 2013
A fish that is quite large but also dies very easily.
My favourite animal is the Sunfish (Mola Mola)!
by LemonPowderedTwimkleSugar September 8, 2020
A random big and disgusting mole, that grows on your body out of nowhere.
-Don't touch the mole or you will end up catching E-Mola
by Shadow_Assassin January 26, 2017
wae kuroji mola is a term used for degrading
jack: hey jaywhypee
jaywhypee: wae kuroji mola
by jaywhypee stan May 12, 2021