for some reason i thought that the game was over like i hunt down every obstacle and destroyed it. i really thought i did. i really thought i could. ok so none of it worked. i even developed new destructive traits. clearly not the right way.
yet i instantly calm at the thought of you. a calm i had not known. for starters, its so deep, much too deep for most. it will overwhelm you, the sheer mass, the distances, the moods. how do you make sense of it all. when can two entities speak. without pressure. easily.
by Krkič January 2, 2022
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A common word made famous by rapper Riff Raff, that can be used to reinforce how obvious something is in any situation.
Interviewer: What do you think about basketball?

Riff Raff: man, I could have been in the NBA, easily, easily.
by Felicia93 January 20, 2015
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Pronounced Eez-Li-Er. A comparative word used to compare people’s relative easiness with respect to sex. This word is more difficult to use when referring to men due to their overall high levels of easiness.
Mike: “I was going to hit on Sue at that party…but her friend Tammy is a lot easilier and I was so drunk I had trouble putting a complete sentence together.”
by thenumbersdork February 25, 2009
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0. A quality that can lead to dull excitement

0.5 A person who is easily amused finds pretty much everything around them interesting.

1. Can be used as an insult; simple minded.

2. Prone to infantile joy / amusement / many lulz
0. I am easily amused.

Person 1: WOW!
Person 2: okay then

1. "Little things please little minds / Small minds are easily amused" - a proverb

2. "omg LOL this caterpillar is so fat and has squishy feet but I can't see its spiracles 8D"
by SANITYSAKE December 23, 2009
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The easily offended are, self-explanatorily, people who are easily offended. They are commonly classed as such due to how easy it is for them to get into too much of a hissy fit when they have resulted from even the slightest of offence.

This usually entails people who are, unfortunately, very easily manipulated, but includes however are not limited to religious people, ones that are far too attached to/with something (e.g: see weeaboo) or simply lifeforms that cannot handle a rational disagreement - let alone just a typical gossip.

To cause offence to the easily offended usually leads to the 'causer' having to put up with their whiny attempts to show how much pain the 'causer' has caused them, and it has been well known that the 'causer' is expected to apologise, improve upon their actions, or even make up for the altercation in some way - when clearly, it's the easily offended's fault.
You: God is really great, he is really motivational and being Christian really helps me get on with life!
Me: Yeah, I guess. But here's a theory - I've read the bible. At points it claims that 'The Lord' is Jesus, and that 'The Lord' is God. Which is it? Don't you think that's a prime example of hypocrisy?
You: ...Don't say that about my religion! God has helped me so much, and Jesus died for our sins!
Me: Oh, my bad, I didn't realise you were part of the easily offended (!)
by Terrum January 9, 2016
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A term used to describe the work it takes to mdify a car part specific to a different application.

The act of modifying is said to be easy becuase everyone customizes cars.
A body kit for a 1991 Honda civic is "Easily Modifiable" for a 2010 SRT Challenger
by Threegpsi May 4, 2011
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