If someone or something ends up somewhere, they eventually arrive there, usually by accident.
The result was that the engine end up at the bottom of the canal...
She fled with her children, moving from neighbour to neighbour and end up in a friend's cellar.
If we take her too seriously we'll all end up in a mental hospital
by Denys1978 December 15, 2011
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To mistakenly believe your period is over and not wear a pad or tampon..and wake up in a bloody spot symbolizing a Japanese flag.
I thought my period was over but I was wrong and ended up in Japan again smh
by ShondaShonda April 7, 2018
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when you kiss someone with gum in their mouth and the gum ends up in your mouth.

Can also be used to describe something crazy.
Guy number one: what happened last night?
Guy number two: Long story short, I totally ended up with the gum.
by thatgirlwiththeface July 13, 2009
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A different way to threaten to kill someone.
Person1: If you don't bring me the money you promised you'll end up in graveyard.
Person2: Ok ok.
by crazyundefinedguy December 3, 2017
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When a plan that was going smoothly ends in a trashy disaster.
"I was studying very well, then I Ended Up at Bulls" "This girl and I were having a great night, and then we Ended Up at Bulls" "This girl in class leaned over and asked if I was the really good dancer at Bulls 2 days ago, and that is when I found out I Ended Up at Bulls on Thursday"
by PKT March 23, 2018
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A saying from Paul Bettany indicating that snitches, that is, people who spoil things will end up in ditches
Interviewer: Does anyone in this bus die in the Next Avengers
Someone: I-
by snitchesendupinditches May 3, 2021
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