coche means car in spanish. so does ranfla
hey holmes hop in the coche guey were gonna go by some pisto
coche here
by chris April 3, 2004
Lets coche here

Lets coche at mike's house
by double o c May 25, 2003
Logan Paul is a coch!

This is not to be rude the calls himself a coch.
by Anna Ashton August 10, 2017
- "wot u bin up2 man?"

- "nufin much jus cochin"
by Raw 2 Da Core September 3, 2003
coch is to chill with ya frends at ther"yard" as they call it it basiclly means 2 socialise with some ov your m8s
wagwan bredda wana coch at my yard
yes it wud be quite enthralling to socialise with you my good frend
by bad boi bundy December 13, 2005