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derived from "to catch"

A term used to describe which person in a couple is on the receiving end of the penis during copulation.

Most commonly used when differentiating between the dominate and submissive males in a homosexual situation.
Danny: Hey Soooze, is it okay if Ryan and I 'do it' while you're away on vacation?
Soooze: Well...who's catching? That will help me decide if you are gay or just missing me!
by voix-claire April 14, 2008
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The act of recieving anal sex
Every night jake and tim have sex. tim likes to pitch jake ends up on the bottom catching
by Akenetopsia September 29, 2009
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if a guy is receiving fellatio from a lady friend, he is catching
Hey, you know brian and michelle are together, he told me he was catching
by gspizot February 20, 2003
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