A girl who is beautiful, and usually a brunette. They can be stupid at doing things with close their friends but they don't care about it. The girl is usually very nice to all her friends, there for them most of time, easy to hurt but can stand the pain with a close friend who comforts them. She won't tolerate nonsense either and can sometimes be very defensive, so if you throw her off she will be a nasty animal. Morgen is also are very athletic, so you will see them around sporting areas a lot.
Morgen is a beautiful girl who has many friends.
by Xx_Soccershooter13_xX February 8, 2011
Morgen is a autistic wanker. He's a bipolar prick wi no life. He's a typical moni boy who needs to stfu. The greasy hair is so bad you can ring it out and use it to deep fry chicken. He gets zero bitches.
Stop being such a Morgen!
by Sam and Han November 2, 2022
d1: A guy with a really huge dick!(boy)

d2: A sweet, charming girl.(girl)
e1: "It was big, he must be Morgen!"

e2: she is such a Morgen
by Definitionnamer April 24, 2013
Morgen is an amazing girl with dark hair and light eyes. She is very smart, and probably speaks russian. she loves drawing and is an awesome dancer, whose strong suit is her back. she loves to learn, science especially. she probably loves halloween. she was that kid that would tell you that ring around the rosy is about the plague.
morgen was talking about science again.
morgen recited the whole periodic table for the 4th time this week.
by carmen jameson doglover October 8, 2021
The definition of Morgen: An over Dramatic bitch who thinks she’s the best and she’s not she’s just a how with zero friends.
Oh that overdramatic hoe that has no friends her name must be Morgen
by Blablablabla April 19, 2018
He was totally suckin' on a morgen.
by Cracka Chris February 27, 2008