Originally a liquid headache medicine, until it was realized that it tastes oh-so sweet. (Though it does cure headaches still) Now sold internationally, and has become a sponsor of most movie theatres, which sucks, because before you can watch your movie, you have to watch 20 minutes of Coca-Cola ads. I love coke, but show me my damn movie.
"Oy! I got a headache!"
"Here, have a coke! It's refreshing!"
by Mike June 2, 2004
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The name of a carbonated, caffeinated beverage known and consumed worldwide. The beverage was named for the fact that it once actually contained cocaine.
A nice, refreshing bottle of Coca Cola really hits the spot when you are thirsty.
by AYB March 10, 2003
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a liquid that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike pepsi.
by Farmer June 3, 2004
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the best drink of all time!!!

dude coca cola is way better than pepsi!!
by poo June 17, 2006
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The official drink of the Heightling Nation. Queen Alexandria I's 2nd favorite beverage, after half-and-half. Infinitely superior to pepsi.
Nothing beats drinking coke, eating peppermints and listening to the White Stripes with the Heightling Nation.
by TheRoyalGeneral April 28, 2004
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used to be made of cocaine thats why people liked it
cacsd casd sdfsdfasd
by pseudonym May 16, 2004
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