When someone makes a irellivent comment or acts as if they have been tripping of drowning because they pretended to be a fish and there drowning and so they are hallucinating and chatting absolute nonsense
James :"we could go to Watford"

Harry:" is there anything to do there"

James:" There's absolutely nothing to do"

Harry: "your such a fish "
by Harryhatman July 5, 2016
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Fish Fish is a method of random selection in the distribution of bongs and spliffs

The person in possession of aforementioned marijuana calls out the word Fish to the red eyed room in general and the first person to repeat the word twice wins the Biffy/Bong

The method is infinitely interchangeable as you can change the words to whatever you like. you can also try out different combinations as listed below...
Spliff Holder: Fish
Spliff Winner: Fish Fish

S.H: Tony
S.W: Tony Tony

S.H: Battle of hastings
S.W: 1066

S.H: Ho Ho Ho
S.W: Green Giant (has to be sung)

S.H: Ping
S.W: Pong

S.H: Billa
S.W: Bong
by LittleGirlyMan... December 14, 2010
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A fish is an animal that lives underwater that looks like my good friend Newman. Newman looks like a fish and unfortunately may look like one forever. Please give hope to Newman by liking this definition as it is very accurate.
by Vveniscool April 30, 2019
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when an obviously hot girl insults herself with the intention of having everybody around her disagree with what she said, and triggering a barrage of compliments. the easiest way to deal with a person like this is to just agree with them.
ridiculously hot girl: i'm so fat and ugly!
someone nearby: yes. yes you are. stop fishing for compliments.
by swiftlikethecandycorn May 30, 2010
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A drag queen giving off female impersonation where you can't tell they are even a man; also being able to hid the male essence
Steven is serving fish you can't even tell he's even a man.
by Cb2308 January 23, 2017
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