Acceptable: Replacement for "you"
Unacceptable: Replacement for "yeah"

The first definition is correct, because "ya" is actually how a lot of people pronounce "you" in a casual conversation.

But using it as "yeah" is incorrect and stupid, because nobody in real life pronounces yeah like "ya". The only people who type it that way are people under 25 who are trying to be cool and fit in with the rest of their e-buddies and Myspace losers.

A lot of them make the excuse that it's easier to type "ya" than "yeah". Yeah right. It's just their way of hiding the fact that they're trying to be cool and fit in on whatever board/forum they're posting on.

At least things like "orly" and "kthx" are funny......"ya" is not. It's just dumb.

By the way, expect all my votes to be negative, because they're all mad that I'm right.

P.S. go read a book instead of wasting time surfing the net or playing video might learn something.
Correct: "Can ya give me an example?"
Incorrect: "Ya, sure"
by You heard me January 4, 2006
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Abbreviated form of "you" in writing and in speech.
by fjorab September 25, 2003
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A word most koreans use to get your attention or to get mad at you. The more Ya's you get in one sentence intensifies how angry they are at you

Ya YA, Get back to work
ya, you over there
Ya, YA ,YA you late for work
by Kristoffera July 12, 2006
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In California: Abbreviation for Youth Authority aka California Youth Authority. Juvenile prison system in Cali.
I just got outta YA for that drive-by...let's go kill some hoes dog!
by oregafro December 10, 2006
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1) A shortened version of "yeah", commonly used on the internet in chat rooms and e-mail.

2) A slang version of you
1) Ya, I don't masturbate anymore because I have to talk to Sophie

2) I feel so tired today, ya know?
by Booty April 30, 2004
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