A mysterious area in New York where one will not know if they have entered it or not.
Are we in Manhattan yet?
by FrancTorres February 08, 2015
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The act of a man (or a properly equipped woman) inserting his penis/her pseudo-penis into a womans anus (the two hole), then into her vagina (the one hole) and finaly back to the anus (two again) in quick succession, or 2-1-2, a Manhattan area code.
Bob: Soooo, what happened with Jenny last night?
Frank: I gave her a Manhattan
Bob: Oooh, so can she hold her liquor?
Frank: I wouldn't know, she's been in AA for 3 years
by bromosapien May 09, 2006
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Easily the most overpriced, and overpopulated place on the planet. Wanna see what its like to squeeze 1.6 million people into a 22 square mile radius? Then come to Manhattan, only $794612374510451230 to rent a small studio a month.

Most of Central and lower Manhattan consist of expensive, bland, soulless yuppie infested hellholes like the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Yorkville, Batterty Park City, Chelsea, Alphabet City, and more.

Upper Manhattan consist of ghetto hellholes like Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood. You would think considering how expensive it is to live here that the place wouldn't be filled with criminals, but unfortunately NYC has the most ghetto trash out of any city in America.
I just won the lottery, now I just need to win 87 more times to have enough to pay the rent for my closet sized studio in Manhattan.
by Excadrill August 19, 2011
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Manhattan is most sweetest, prettiest person on earth. She sometimes lures men in to her heart and has a big ass. She's sexy and has the prettiest hair, and the best sense of humor
"I wish I had some Manhattan."
"Damn, Someday I'd wanna be manhattan."
by Hunnyboocgukd November 23, 2013
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To be legit. When something works out really well or is awesome. Used in suburban D.C. slang.

To shorten the word, 'Hattan' is a substitute. 'Hattan' is used more commonly throughout the suburbs
First Person: "Yo, dude. My parents said I could go with you tomorrow."
Second Person: "Manhattan! It's gonna be so tight man."
Second Person: "Hattan, dude! It's gonna be so tight!"
by Peaceful Patrick December 01, 2009
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Manhattan is the perfect place where your gonna find hella trash ass Dominican who have no education
Her :aye lets go to Manhattan

Him : he’ll Nah I’m nog tryna get jumped by Dominicans
by So fuckn lit August 08, 2018
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A crappy town in Illinois that has faked development and what's even more fucked up is that the town's ragged center seems to attract tornadoes.
I am from Manhattan.
Your going to be sucked up by tornadoes bro. move out.
I already got sucked by a tornado, and lived!
via giphy
by bitchdipshit February 20, 2021
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