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1. The greatest city in the world. If you can survive here, you can survive anywhere, although once you've made it to New York you never want to leave.
2. A brilliant film by Woody Allen.
3. The center of the universe, and the best pizza on Earth
4. A tasty alcoholic beverage.
1. I am from Manhattan. Worship me from afar.
2. I just saw 'Manhattan'. The soundtrack is beautiful.
3. Manhattan pizza kicks the rest in the nuts.
4. She drank 8 Manhattans, and that's why she's currently vomiting in her purse.
by CigaretteGirl May 03, 2005

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A school located in New York that focuses on liberal arts.

To go to this school you must:
- Smoke
- Whine about politics without doing anything
- Know at least one hipster
- be able to use the word 'gentrification' in a sentence
- try to look different, ie look like everyone else at the school
- be pathetically PC
- be liberal
- extra points if you're gay

see also liberal arts, New York, intelligent slackers
Eugene Lang is a great school, but is nothing like the real world.
by CigaretteGirl May 03, 2005

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A genius who will never be understood.

Spent most of the time he wasn't writing brilliant books wrecking hotel rooms, experimenting with chemicals, searching for the American Dream, and throwing grapefruits at Samoans.
'We can't stop here, this is bat country!'
by CigaretteGirl May 03, 2005

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A small town in Northern New Jersey. Famous for the rich, spoiled, preppy morons that populate it. There are only three identifiable cliques in Ridge High School: the preps, the geeks, and the freaks (ie, punks, emo kids, metalheads, goths). Every group is incredibly elitist, and most of the punk kids have merecedes.
Also known as Bubble Ridge.
See upper class white trash.
Person One: I grew up in Basking Ridge
Person Two: You are a hollow shell of a man.
by CigaretteGirl May 03, 2005

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