Cred - Credit. Abbreviation of the word. Used in general when talking about pay-as-you go mobile credit
Damn!. My mobs (mobile phone) run out of cred..
by schteev August 21, 2006
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a misinterpreted word by the Toronto Star's "Urban Illiad". Contrary to the belief of the newspaper, 'cred' is not jsut for whitepeople.

Short for credibility. Refers to the influentiality of a person..
Urban illiad has no street cred and tries to hard to fulfill his A & E dutuies in the toronto star,..
by Toronto Bwoy November 23, 2005
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Credentials earned in life by experience. Credit given.
He talked about being in prison like it gave him creds.
by William Gilbert July 22, 2005
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Phone credit, i.e. money to make calls with.
Bob: "I'll get some creds, talk later"
Kyle: "See ya, balla"
by triedit December 27, 2009
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Money you pay to a prostitute for their sex. Advice: 10-20 up front, the rest after the fact.
Person 1: Dude, I just paid 100 cred for that girl!

Person 2: Waaaaaayyyyy an overpay man, she only is worth 55 creds at max.
by Hamcracker June 02, 2011
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A unit of fake money used at (will be teennick in september '09) to spend on virtual clothes at the "Avi Mall" for avatars.
"I just got 15 creds, now I'm going to the Avi-Mall."

"I won 1000 creds when I entered that cred contest from the N'Sider.
by let the wild rumpus start August 24, 2009
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