(adjective) 1. used to describe someone who is serviceable, available, or user friendly in a time that coincides with drunken lonliness syndrome
Drunk girl: Zac is laying in his bed, and I want to cuddle with him in his bed...how convenient!
by dansr73 February 9, 2007
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Is a remarkable thing which is that should be cherrished,but can be bad if disrespected,
these magizines are very convenial,i should start collecting them and being in them.. (con-vee-nee-all)
by regardless devon victory January 24, 2009
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1. anything that saves or simplifies work, adds to one's ease or comfort, etc., as an appliance, utensil, or the like.

2. a concept that diminishes hopelessly, the more we go out and drink our faces off, on a Friday night.
1. James: "You can just walk over it."

2. James: "Whatever happened to the idea of simple convenience!" *chases his choking frustration with a cold one*
by flapjacksPC January 22, 2011
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adj, origin - Elsewhere

addicted to convenience.

(it takes hold without our awareness is immediately addictive, recovery is unheard of, side effects are passed to subsequent generations)

this is another one from the little alien I found

in a story "Insights from Elsewhere"
yes…you kinda earthguys not so fitting...humanguys conveniated...humanguys want easy, fast, pop-in-mouth, instink (instant?) faster, easier, remote-control…you unnerstanding cost...?
by eARThguy February 7, 2010
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A way of saying convenience, often used when you have brain farts and forget that it's not a real word...
by Areyonga September 8, 2017
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The only thing the drooling masses care about.
Drooling half-cripple sheep "Anger bad. Caring about things bad. Derrrr Derrrr."

Not a shit for brains "Well that's awfully convenient for you isn't it? That the thing you are not or the thing you don't do is bad.

A dumb "My entire life is a matter of convenience. I am literally worthless as I don't care about anything."
by Hym Iam December 5, 2020
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A fee added on top of the original fee due to the ease of payment.
"We noticed it was too easy for you to give us your money, so naturally, we'll need you to give us more. Therefore, you have been assessed a "convenience fee".
by Fred Sampson April 4, 2018
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