(Verb) to divorce your wife and marry your adopted daughter.
one: Man, can you believe he Woody Allened his wife, and now his daughter is having his grandchild.

two: yo! dats half gay.
by Ken1plus2 April 10, 2017
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40-ish year old guy: Man that girl is fine! (looking at a 13 yr old asian girl)
other guy: Quit being such a Woody Allen!
by Jessica May 16, 2004
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Something that—on one side—looks to be true, actually isn't. And what doesn't look to be true, is—on the opposite side—actually true.

In other words, a paradox of truths where either both sides are right or none are right.
Dude 1: Yo Tim just pulled another Woody Allen when his girlfriend caught him making out with another chick at the party and he got away with it
Dude 2: That lucky bastard
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A extremely talented comedian that married his ex-girlfriend's adopted daughter. Dispite the fact it's not incest, it's still rather creepy.
by Andrew Callaway August 3, 2003
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A Jewish nerd with an erection
Jonah looked around the room as he entered his advanced calculus class. He quickly sat down at an empty seat in an attempt to hide his woody allen.
by hipsterjew April 7, 2010
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A bespectacled genius.

Elvis Costello's living doppleganger.

Also favors Any Trouble's lead singer.

Did I mention he's a.....*gulp*......COMEDIAN?
"Woody Allen never told a joke. He told anecdotes."
by Alison Krueger August 29, 2003
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1.)perverted peson that seems sad all the time, and

2.)A Big old stupid head!

3.)A term that can be used for everyday use for practicly everything.
1.)says:in a sad voice:... O Scarlet, Scarlet, Scarlet...

2.)You big ol' Woody Allen!!!

3.)This shirt is a big ol' WOODY ALLEN!!

..0r are you Woody Allen!!
by woodyallen February 16, 2009
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