man thats a trek i aint doin that
by Ruda August 6, 2003
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A long task that is too much effort to make it worth doing. The longer it's stretched out the worse the task;
'Go to the cinema? Trek...'
'Community fund raising walk? Treeeeek'
by Joe July 2, 2004
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manufacturers of sweet, reliable bikes.
If picking a good mountain bike involves requires choosing two of the following three - low price, durability, and lightness - buying a Trek is like getting all three and screwing up the rule. Oh yeah, screw Specialized, Giant, Duffy, and whatever other ride you're on.
by sk8terboi September 4, 2006
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A random 4-10 mile walk in any way the light falls, usually because of weed but can be handy when drunk. It is the arch rival of the dreaded mong
"i proper need to trek"
n e 1 fancy a trek?
by dave November 24, 2003
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Trek is a male specimen of the human race (not to be confused with Trek bikes) who is constantly obsessing over mustard and strategy games. He is always equipped with an extensive Spotify playlist which plays throughout the entire day (and year).
He is such a Trek

Trek! Stop eating all the mustard!

That sounds like Trek music
by Soully Poully May 28, 2020
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Slang term used in Ireland. When something is too far away, it's common for it to be called a "trek".
Mother:"Will you hand me the potatoes? They're in the cupboard"
Son:"Ugh, trek."
by mossiec123 July 3, 2011
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Walking a long distance or at pace I.e because your late for the football "best get trekking or we'll miss kick off"
Best get trekking or we'll miss kick off
by Rainman247 April 25, 2014
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