The past tense of:
1. Going somewhere
2. Going somewhere in a hurry
2. Driving around with a large group of people
Just mobbed around town with a bunch of my homies.
by thizz monster o_O December 8, 2010
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Being suddenly surrounded by a mob (large group).
"Police intervened to protect a man who was being mobbed by protesters."

"The celebrity quickly made her way to the limousine, so to avoid being mobbed by her crowding fans."

"We were surrounded by sheep, and they were so pushy I felt like I was being mobbed.!!"

"The Boxing Day Sales are so hectic, you'll need to be careful you don't get mobbed."
by Jay Greenfield October 31, 2019
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the greatest skate crew of all
from victoria bc canada
mobbed is the best! ...i love that brett frankson guy...
by b-dizzle June 18, 2003
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Driving around with your friends and/or bitches, bumping music, having a good time, and hopefully picking up some more bitches.
Chase and I went mobbing last night and picked up some hoes.
by ryan November 21, 2003
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Plural, stands for Mobile Objects. Typically used in MMORPG games and stands for attackable non playing objects. Usually monsters.
Ahh, i'm getting wtf pwnd bbq by these crystalhide mobs in the flats.
by icey nutz January 11, 2006
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Bullying (mobbing) is an extreme form of social stressors at work. .

Unlike normal social stressors, workplace bullying (mobbing) is a long lasting (at least 6 months), escalated conflict with frequent harassing actions (at least every week), systematically aimed at a target person and carried out by colleagues, supervisors or subordinates
by LuisSamora August 19, 2006
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