term of endearment, usually between two male friends. W.Ireland, possible Gaelic origin.
John: Alright scan, any craic?
Joe: Hello John, how are you? I like your t-shirt.
by Sweats O'Harrigan March 27, 2007
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1) To make sense.
2) To agree with all the available evidence.
"The dealer and the kid go to Bankcroft's place. Scare him into telling where the dope is, and then kill him. Then the dealer kill's the kid."
"That doesn't scan why kill the kid ?"

I first noticed it in the Tv show bones Episode entitled "The Man in the Mansion", first aired February 14, 2007.
by Arkaxow April 2, 2007
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short for scandalous
when someone acts shady and liein and shit
"she said she couldnt hang out when i just saw the bitch with her people"
"shes fucking scan"
by ghajkbgjk December 3, 2009
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The electronic copy of original manga, manhwa, or manhua that is about to go though scanlation

sometimes used as shortened form of the word scanlation
Can i get a raw scan of naruto before it's released?

Look at this site, they have awesome scans.
by Hespia Klarerin December 4, 2010
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A futuristic slang word used in the Otherland book series, written by Tad Williams. It is used in a similar way to suck, and is possibly an abbreviation of scandalous. However, scan can mean anything from tease to creep out.
You really scan.

This homework assignment scans so bad.

This haunted house is too scanny for me.

He's been scanning since he was born.

Bob is the ultimate scan master.
by Bloopy April 9, 2005
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The magic word whenever you find yourself stuck in a conversation about something you couldnt give a rats ass about. Just utter the word "scan" and both you and your co-conversationist must cease talking and switch the topic.
Barry: "Have you seen the latest polls? I do believe that the political position on said party is extravagantly...."

Mick: "Scan"

long silence

Barry: "So...Pretty warm today huh?"
by G-Train September 4, 2005
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