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To utterly embarrass oneself by formally by hosting a public event of such embarrassing insensitivity that it offends all parties involved.
We totally burroughsed our prom. That party was a total burroughs.
by Burrou May 03, 2009
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Of beautiful and hearty inter-racial stock, the most well known Burroughs' are from the Philadelphia area. They are known for their unique blend of faiths, occupations, and anger-fuse lengths. Most notable, however, are their various forms of loud, irresistable, contagious laughters.
"We were at the movies and we missed half of it because this chick somewhere up front was ROLLING! So we ALL laughed and couldn't stop!"

"Oh, yeah man, that HAD to be a Burroughs!"
by Mighty Mo August 29, 2008
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The result of 5 full-grown men farting in a jar, saving it, then smelling it a year later; The act of farting in a room with a ghost, forcing the ghost to use the "fart energy" to assume a human form; joining the military and setting the record for "the most consecutive years as a Private First-Class." The ability to wear the same clothes until you become one with your wardrobe; The result of performing the "2 girls 1 cup" act with a gang of Hodgies; The ability to smell worst than shit and honestly think its OK; The act of selling your soul to Satan in exchange for "World of Warcraft" gold.
Burroughs was my fucking roommate! OMG!
by King Kupp September 01, 2008
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