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When rich kids go and live in poverty for the experience , to prove they are artists, musicians , for entertainment , feel like they are connected to real life , but usually get money from mom, dad, uncle, to exist. And they can leave it anytime they want and go back to the upper middle class and upper class milieu live off of wealthy parents, relatives, friends . As usual they usually go and work in finance and banking and screw the common people . A song by Pulp called Common People is an example in the lyrics .
How's that old ex rich girlfriend of yours doing ?
2: Well she went slumming it in downtown Detroit . She would run around without any shoes and clothes and give services to johns . She then had her daddy bail her out a few months later . Now she's working as a financier, in derivatives , offshoring, writing loans to people who can't afford the mortgage and the like
by ymouszanon September 16, 2018
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1. To live poorly, or in below-average quality. Lifestyle that is below widely accepted standards, in terms of health, nutrition and hygeine, safety, and intelligence. Often linked with impoverished lifestyle or frugal living.

2. In stasis, or semi-nomadic state, surviving on bare minimum or below normal standards of living.
Some of the Boston MA WBCN radio guest DJs are known for slumming it in Roxbury.
by saharan February 08, 2007
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In the movie industry, when a mid- to high-profile actor, actress, or (less frequently) director accepts a project considered far enough beneath them to raise questions about their integrity, they are considered to be slumming it.

There are a couple ways this can pop up. A highly regarded actor that usually appears in dramatic, "serious" works can appear in "low brow" entertainment (e.g. Dame Judi Dench in The Chronicles of Riddick, Marlon Brando in Superman), someone famous taking a role considered damaging to their public image (e.g. Patrick Stuart in Masterminds), or otherwise a highly talented individual accepting a role on a project that they should have recognized was doomed from the start (e.g. Laurence Olivier in Inchon). Money and/or contractual obligation are usually the reasons, but many seem to genuinely want the role.

Typically, an actor or actress that is slumming it will look hilariously out of place in the film. Whether it's because they're horribly miscast or because they turn out to be the only competent element of the work varies from case to case.
Abe Vigoda was really slumming it in Good Burger.
by KingWumpus November 13, 2009
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