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What you have no chance of doing if your base belong to CATS, an intergallactic Nazi with a heart of gold.

If you have no chance of doing this, then you must make your time.
by Tookar April 13, 2005
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Here are some things you MUST know in order to survive, without them you may as well just shoot yourself in the head

1)Don't call black people the "N" word(Yes we all know what it is)

2)Don't stand in the middle of a fucking highway, like my friend did

3)Never get high on drugs or pist drunk, buy a gun and go home alone, you'll end up fucking yourself over

4)Don't fuck any animals, its not polite and it is fucking nasty

5)Crack kills(Meaning don't stare at a fat mans ass crack, if you happen to notice kill yourself A.S.A.P)

6)Never have orgy's over at your place, if your that desperate you need a life, besides you'll see many cracks(thats bad)

7)Listen to music, who cares what kind it is, just listen to music, without it you may as well get raped by an Elephant(I enjoy black metal)

Reading this helps many survive the daily life of a Peasent(dunno how to spell) please be kind and pass this on to as many dumbasses you know
How to survive the daily life of a citizen of planet Earth, please don't fuck up after you've read this
by Omnitomnilomni May 11, 2005
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