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Strictly female attire in Western fashion, a dress is basically a large shirt or tunic with the waist or the entire upper half of the garment half-fitted or fitted while the lower half can be loose or tight (which inhibits the ability to walk).

The lower half, or skirt, ranges in length from above the knees to the floor.

"Skirt" comes from "skyrta", an old Norse word for "shirt", so it seems appropriate to call an entire dress a skirt and not just the lower half.

Skirt is also slang for a woman, often one who is morally loose.
The skirt was once practically a gender-neutral garment before the Rennaissance; men and women wore togas and tunics and nobody said anything about it, and leggings were worn beneath for warmth. Now skirts are limited to women, unless you count the kilt, which looks absolutely stunning!
by Lorelili April 12, 2005
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A traditionally feminine garment, consisting of a bodice and a skirt. Dresses range from transparent, risquΓ©, low-cut bodices and mini-skirts up to high collars, long sleeves, and skirts that trail on the floor, sometimes accompanied by a head covering.
From Clueless:

"Mel: 'What the hell is that'?
Cher: 'A dress'.
Mel: 'Says who'?
Cher: 'Calvin Klein'."

Looks like underwear to me!

Why do women walk around half-nude and men don't do that? You don't see men wearing shorts to the office like women often wear mini-skirts to work.
by Lorelili March 24, 2005
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A piece of fabric that generated tons of controversy over social media networks debating on the color of the frock whether it was blue and black or white and gold. It will drive you to question your entire existence
Becky: "The dress is blue and black!"
Sally: "No you blind idiot, it's gold and white!"
by Iemik February 26, 2015
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Truly believe to make women and girls more feminine because of their restricted movements to prevent unwanted embarrassment.
Anna, you should sit properly and lady-like in your dress. You don't want your skirt going-up, do you?
by Cheeky Smiles April 13, 2011
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A thing that a girl wears in the summer so she'll get all the hot guys. mostly really short dresses
wow! look at that pretty dress! i wanna date that girl!
by your worst nightmare March 17, 2005
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Refers to the side of a man's trousers that his testicles hang.
Those earthworms don't even know whether they dress to the right or the left.
by Cornholio September 29, 2003
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