One that is so fat, they actully are around the house.
Damn your mom is so fat that she because she just sits around the house all day (litterlay)
by wade robberson May 1, 2005
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Someone who is messy, loud, obnoxious, overbearing, or in some other way bothersome while being intrusive of your personal space. Commonly a roommate you really wish you didn’t have to live, or a friend or a relative who is at your house so often that they start to cramp your style.
Simon is a real dog around the house. He doesn't work, he drinks too much, and he keeps me up to all hours of the night with that noise he calls music.
by The Captive Spirit September 13, 2010
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A phrase used to throw off the scent of an inquiring individual, while actually partaking in nefarious acts of debauchery.

(Nothing good happens after 2 am)
Jessica told us she was “doing some things around the house”, when actually she was just doing Nick.
by vangloriousskookum December 15, 2022
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December 7th and any other day your wife declares it to be national help your wife around the house day. She shouldn’t have to ask for the help, you just help out of the kindness of your heart and the love you have for her. (for example do a load of laundry, wash dishes or vacuum)
by Caring wife and mother December 6, 2017
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