Make It or Break It is a great TV-show about 4 gymnasts, who are training at the Rocky Mountain Gymnastic Training Center with their Coach Sascha Belov:

Emily Kmetko:

A newcomer in the sport. Whose familiy is pretty poor and she almost always is fighting for being accepted, because many judge her by her upcoming and think she isn't good enough.

Payson Keeler: bars
a former champion who used to be on top but was suffering from a bad back disease and the consequences still makes it hard for her to get back. She is very ambitious.

Kaylie Cruz: floor, beam
The current national champion. She's very easily distracted, especially by her on and off relationship with Carter, a boy from the Rock. She always feels misunderstood and wants to be respected, but personally i think she's just a little brat seeking attention ...

Lauren Tanner: beam
She's the bich of the team. But she has got a softer side too. but most of the time she's making huge mistakes (sometimes on purpose, sometimes not) and spoils everyting. She's just as spoiled as Kaylie.

Their parents and boys and members from other teams ... and their stories also are very important but ... well see for your self :D
Make It Or Break It is a great show for people who like Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries or any CHick Flick stuff!

I love Make It Or Break It!
by MaySavesTheDay July 4, 2010
when something is make-or-break, it will either be a great success or failure
what do you think about that new show?
it is make or break
by Lucia Partizanske October 22, 2006
When a baby is conceived out of anger or disatisfaction with the reason to remain in a current long lasting relationship instead of letting the male figure go out and mate with another female.
Robert and I took a break from our long relationship and we already have a kid. He is seeing some new girl that I just heard about and I told him that I was having another baby. It was a make it or break it baby.
by alan and juno April 16, 2009
when one who has had a one night stand wakes up and sneaks away before having to confront the person they spent the night with.
i woke up in some guy's dorm room after my 21st birthday party- totally a wake and make a break situation.

Frat Guy 1: hey i saw you leave the bar with that blonde last night. you get her number?
Frat Guy 2: Nah, we just did it at her apartment. this morning i had to wake and make a break.
by speedy marie May 19, 2009
A statement dat humorously sums up your partner in crime who poses as either a law-abiding citizen or a rules-following employee at a bank, military establishment, government office, etc., so dat he can give you "ins" on valuable items and/or sensitive information.
Tronald Dump took such an arrogant off-handed self-serving view of his job as president dat he would have been a prime candidate for da "I don't make the rules; I just break 'em" saying.
by QuacksO November 8, 2022