To have way with somebody or to be "in".
Dayum, she hot. I want ins.
by Fruit_Salad May 14, 2011
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stands for "nothing special" in Norwegian. in Norwegian : "Ikke Noe Spesielt".
-What are you doing?
by Norwegian dude November 26, 2010
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Now why try and test, the Rebel INS?
Blessed since the birth, I earth-slam your best
by Scott April 26, 2004
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Chad: Hey you going to the concert tonight?

Jeff: ins
by Sk8erGirl14 August 18, 2008
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person1: what'd u get on the test?
person2: ins...
by honeybunchesandoats October 18, 2009
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Ines are beautiful, gorgeous girls, usually brunettes and very fun to be with. They are sensitive and strong willed at the same time and big extroverts. They don't care what most people care about them. They are very quiet and slightly shy around new people but very open when you get to know them and will listen to whatever you have to say. Ines speak their minds and are adaptive and easy going. They can be determined when they want to and have a strong sweet tooth. She can be very daring and have crazy ideas but at heart is a good person that just wants to make friends. She will be a good lover and looks wise will attract men like a magnet. Very athletic and fun to play with, Ines is a outgoing girl.
Guy 1: Hey, I heard a girl got suspended again.

Guy 2: Yeah, the gorgeous girl from class 3, Ines, got suspended.
by Weeaboo God December 5, 2018
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the best fuckin person you’ll ever meet. beautiful girl, usually brunette with straight or curly hair. shy at first but wild when you get to know her. funniest in the group. looks intimidating but is a softie <3 determined, strong willed, independant, fun, silly goose. gives earth sign energy. best friend you could ever have. best gf you could ever have. DON’T take her for granted!!!
Maria : That girl is so amazing and funny !
Sebastian : Right. She’s such a Ines !
by bestieseb April 19, 2021
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