phrase used snyonymously with "cool" or "sweet." Made famous by the feature film: Cultural Leanings for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhastan
John: I finally found my phone!
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An exclamation, which in light of the irreverently popular smash hit film, "Borat" now connotes the justifiable gloating over any sudden victory in life, fortune or career which dismays one's jealous competitors by virtue of its magnitude and/or sheer unexpectedness. It is most effective to exclaim "Great Success!" in the very midst of one's petty and mean-spirited detractors, especially at the precise moment they are forced to acknowledge one's hatefully coveted good fortune.

The radiant bride exclaimed "Great Success!" as she and her handsome groom pushed through the throng of her mean-spirited step family and into the couple's late model Rolls Royce.
by Russell Clark December 9, 2006
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When nothing is going according to your way. And you humorously say Great Success👍 with your thumbs up
How are your studies going on? (Actually not so well)
Answer: Great success 👍
by Serpantojjm January 3, 2022
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