a word so the customer will think it's real and buy it.
Tom "I bought a long lasting lightbulb!"

Bill "You have a long lasting brain...."
by cyclonerampage April 14, 2011
A term which is pretty self-explanatory. Long Lasting Love, or "The Three L's" is a phrase used to describe old-fashioed traditional sex for the reasons of love, but for long periods of time, perhaps ranging into hours.

With the rise of ridiculous sexual tendencies and the terms related to them, this phrase seeks to return to the basic values of love and sexual intercourse.
"Man, have you heard of this 'baking cream pies' bullshit they're doing now? Fuck that. What happened to Long Lasting Love?"
by Rudy Schultz October 11, 2007
Barack: Man, this race is going on too long.
Hilary: I agree, old bean. This is truly a painful and long-lasting election.
sweetest person alive, sexy mf, my fave person,
will daria <insert long last name here> marry me?

no, she’s sonny’s
by sonnyasf May 2, 2021
African people are stereotyped to last long during sweet love making.

But they usually end of dead in the streets.
Dumb blond:black peopl last long in the sheets but not in the streets..

Retard:What was that?

Dumb blond:Oh man Jerome lasted like 5 hours in the sack...best time of my life. Sad he got capped...Jerome's pecker will be missed ...
by Thiccy Ricky July 22, 2019
An SMS-way of saying "At long fucking last!"
Metallica @ Twitter: We have just released our new album, guys!
A fan: @long-far-king-last! Not long before the second comin', for Christ's sake!
by Murdoc Kylburne December 13, 2016