The best show ever. Be careful it’s highly addictive but still very entertaining. The reason you were up till 2 in the morning.
Look like a Archibald

Think like a Bass
Act like a Waldorf

Work like a Humphrey

Dress like a Vander Woodsen

Iconic Quotes:
The money, the drugs, the privileges keep us numb so we don’t notice it’s better in the real world, Nate Archibald
I’m chuck bass, Chuck Bass
Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop, Blair Waldorf(-Bass)
I’m Gossip Girl, Dan Humphrey

People don’t tell you who you are you tell them, Serena De-Vanderbilt Woodsen
Xoxo, Gossip Girl
by Rileylynn November 7, 2018
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the reason you were late to work, had to call in sick, slept in, wasted your whole day on the computer. A reasonable excuse for everything.
1. Boss: "why were you late to work."
Dude:"Gossip Girl."
Boss: "hope u get better soon."

2. dude 1: "man whats with you?"
dude 2: "gossip girl."
dude 1: "Ah, I see."
by hashendonitsme April 28, 2013
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1. Popular Book series. Which are actually pretty good. It's definitely one of the better teen books out there. Teenage girls and (boys) especially enjoy them.
2. Popular T.V. series that takes place in New York and follows the lives of beautiful rich teenagers who, despite having everything and every oppurtunity known to man can still manage to complain about EVERYTHING. This show is designed to posion the minds of young adolescents into thinking that beauty is only skin deep, and that if you aren't a size 00 with a perfect tan and have had at least one nose job and the latest Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabana, and True Religion, then you aren't worth anything. And judging by its popularity, it is unfortunatly working.
Teenager 1 "OMG!!! Gossip Girl is ah-MAZING. I totes want to buy those Gucci shoes Blair had on!!"

Teenager 2 "OMG Gossp Girl is like, the best show EVA!"

Teenager 3 "Gossip Girl 4EVA!"

Teenager With Common Sense "Fuck off."
by Blanchid February 7, 2010
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There are three meanings. There is a tv show on the CW. A book that the show was based on. Then a real gossip girl where she tells you, you guys are best friends and you can keep secrets but then she gossip's about you behind you back. She spills everything about you.
"Don't trust her, she is a gossip girl." Meaning 3
"Have you seen the new episode of Gossip Girl." Meaning 1
by abiisboring December 15, 2016
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In New York City like most other cities, there is the west and the east and the south and the north. Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, Nate Archibald, all live the luxury life in the Upper East as Jenny and Dan Humphrey live the not-so-fun middle class life in the Upper West.

A certain "Gossip Girl" character tells the story of those characters. Blair the sensitive drama queen, Serena the slut but also of a heart of gold, Nate the stoner-boy who's so much more, Dan the Shakespeare and Romeo at the same time, and Jenny the ninth grader with the big boobs who would trade it all for an East sider's life.

This book is great, and the only people who will hate is are those who are jealous of the rich kids. Otherwise, you will be ADDICTED to it!!! Even one of my friends who is completely anti-book reads it!!!!
Girl 1: Hey, do you like the Gossip Girl books? I LOVE them!!!
Girl 2: No, they're and stuff. Bunch of brats!
Girl 1: Ha, yeah right. You're just being a jealous bitch about it!
Girl 2(guiltily): Fuck off!
by pinkpanthas December 24, 2005
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Book about rich kids (Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, etc...) in Upper East Side and middle class kids (Dan, Vanessa, Jenny, etc...) in Upper West Side. They attend prep schools and love to knock back the alcohol with the guys loving their pot. Sex is greatly involved and so is shopping.

Books 1-5 are great.
Book 6 is okay.
Book 7 is bad.
Book 8 and 9 are okay
Girl 1 "Gossip Girl is such a good book."
Girl 2 "Yeah, but only 1-5 are really awesome."
by Goody Goody Gumdrops August 5, 2006
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A bitchin book about Teens in upper Manhatan. Love this book it's so better then harry Pothead.
Blair the bitch, Serna the hottie, Nate the Stoner, Jenny 9th grader with big boobs. What eles does this book need.
by Michelle September 16, 2004
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