Simply stated "Some Guy".
Person 1: "Some Guy Just Left His Wallet"
Person 2: "Do You Know Who He Was"
Person 1: "I Dont Know It Was Just Some Guy"
by somgi February 21, 2010
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Just some guy without a mustache who hasn't seen sunlight or had friends in several years.
@Just Some Guy Without A Mustache Why tf are you everywhere?!
by supremejuiceman September 23, 2021
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Just Some Guy without a Mustache is a God who you'll find on every good YouTube video you watch. There has been speculated that the only thing he does is watch YouTube and comment on every video for all eternity.
Person 1: boii I saw just some guy without a Mustache again. He had the top comment on the video I was watching.
Person 2: what? Again! He is everywhere these days!
by LamonJuice April 4, 2020
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the 2 CEO of just some guy organization where their main job is to comment on literally all the youtube videos you watch.
you probably will see these 2 guys on any youtube videos you watch.
your homie: hey do you have ever heard of just some guy without a moustache

you: he's literally everywhere on the comment section how I wouldn't know
by No File March 7, 2021
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the new "and then i found five dollars"
an expression used to salvage a bad story
"so yeah i had this dream and you were in it and we were in this car but it looked really weird and there was a talking fish and it was just like...woah......"


....and then i totally stabbed some guy
by plastic_tree October 19, 2006
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