A break in a relationship is when you agree to have time to yourself in the relationship when things either get confusing with each other or you need time to figure out yourself. Some people ask for a break instead of breaking up as they still love the other person and want to make sure they love them back. A break shouldn’t last over a month or two and when ready they two people should talk about getting back together. A break IS NOT the same as a breakup
“ I think we need a break, not to break up because I love you but I need time to sort myself out so I can love myself aswell as you”

( two months later )

“ hey can our break be over? I really love you and I know it was the wrong thing to do”

by Katejameson January 20, 2018
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a pussy way of saying you want to break up but get back together in a month. “so i can figure myself out” if he says that don’t take him back. you hear me DONT. he don’t deserve your cute ass give him his space and he’ll miss you so much and show him you don’t miss him at all hun. anyways have a good day and eat chicken.
BOY: i need time to get my life back together.

GIRL: so you’re breaking up with me?

BOY: no we are on a break (so he thinks you’re his and won’t get with other people)

GIRL: oh okay
by #relationshipssuck February 14, 2019
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A gap in a relationship where it is sometimes ok to see other people, taken for many reasons
He didn't know how he felt so he suggested that he and his girlfriend took a break so he could think about how he felt towards her.
by Yamsaregood3 January 24, 2018
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when a certain unnamed person tells you that despite everything you've ever done for them they just need some time away from you even though when her car broke down two hours away from anywhere you drove all the way over just to find out that she wasn't pushing down the clutch enough and then you follow her all the way back to her place but she doesn't even invite you to spend the night so you drive like three hours back home and then the next day you find out that she's been seeing some other guy and you tell her you really don't think it's fair that she would do that which really sets her off and she starts screaming at you about how you always smother her even though she's the one that always comes crying to you at 2:00am in the morning when you have classes the next day but you stay up talking anyway and end up doing really crappy on your final exam and having to retake CS401 which is your LAST REQUIRED CLASS TO GRADUATE so you have to stick around an extra semester and you end up missing a job oppotunity and the whole time shery is busy making out with your friend but you never even knew it was your friend but now it makes sense that the whole damn time she was just playing with you to get to him and goddamnit shery HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME AFTER I SPENT SEVEN HOURS OVER THE PHONE HELPING YOU WITH YOUR PROJECT AND NOW I HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT BUT A GRUNT POSITION AT BK BECAUSE I MISSED MY CHANCE AT THE GREATEST JOB EVER AND YOU WON'T EVEN RETURN MY CALLS EVEN THOUGH I JUST WANT TO ASK YOU WHY, DAMNIT, WHY!?!?!!
a break?!?!?! WHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY????!!1111
by bluie December 2, 2005
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When a couple decides to spend time apart without actually breaking up. The duration of the break is decided at the time the break begins. During this time their is little or no communication, and the couple spends absolutely NO time together. It is considered rude and nosy to check on the other persons whereabouts or activities and neither person has the right to do so. "Breaks" are usually taken after a number of problems within the relationship become to serious for the couple to stay together. Instead of braking up it allows for the opportunity to sort things out and to think about the relationship with the possibility of getting back together. Sometimes breaks are used as an excuse for one person to date around without having to give up the other person. In some cases the parameters of the break are established in such a way that neither party is allowed to date or spend time with someone whom they are sexually attracted to. If the break doesn't include such a rule, then it is each person's option to date and ''see other people'' as they choose. If this is the case then neither person needs to account for their time or actions to the other person in relation to any part of the "break" even after the break is over. Essentially the idea of a "break" is to momentarily cut all communication that isn't absolutely necessary so there is time to think and decide what needs to happen next: brake up for good, or get back together.
John: I think that we need some time to think about things and decide what it is that we really want. We are miserable right now and maybe time can help us figure it out.

Jane: Ok, lets take a break then.

John: Ok. Do you wanna talk again in a month then?

Jane: Ya, I think that would be good. Maybe dating some other people would help us too. I mean don't get serious with anybody but just go out.

John: Ya thats a good idea. I'll call you in a month and then and we can see where we are.

Jane: Ok. Bye.

John: Bye
by Whitykantdance December 13, 2010
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Bad luck, a damn shame, or an unfortunate occurrence.
At the laundromat:
Doc: "What up dogg."
Timmy: "Nothing much. I lost a quarter under the washing machine a couple minutes ago."
Doc: "That's the breaks."

A week later:
Doc: "What up dogg."
Timmy: "Didn't you hear? I lost my job and my wife left me for the mailman. Oh yeah, and my house burned down during Thanksgiving dinner and my entire family died. What a terrible tragedy!"
Doc: "That's the breaks."
by Nick D March 19, 2004
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When a person tells their significant other that they need time apart for one reason or another. It happens when a relationship just isn't working out but you are afraid to actually break up so instead you take a break which usually ends in a break up anyways. In some situations it is allowed to see other people but for some it is not so make sure you have a talk about what is allowed and what isn't because you don't want to end up like Ross from "Friends" and cheat on Rachel when he didn't know it was cheating and be forced to read an 18 page letter front and back; causing you to fall asleep and Rachel get pissed that you didn't read all of it. It is the most deceptive term ever!!!

Usually it is the woman's idea to take a break but in my case it was my boyfriend's idea because he felt bad about not having any time to hang out with me... Idk

What do you call this person, are they still your bf or gf???
Do you still talk to them?
Are you now just friends???"
What the fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!
"You slept with her!?"
"But we were on a break!!!!"
by Killer K September 24, 2006
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