In certain parts of New Orleans, "courage" is synonymous for pep or energy.
I don't have any courage today; I guess I need a tonic or something.
by Cranberry Bob January 6, 2020
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Origin Old French "courage", from Latin "Cor" 'heart'

1. the ability to do something that frightens one.

2. strength in the face of pain or grief.
Man did you see that?! KC went and bought stuff by herself for once, I mean she is terrified of doing stuff on her own (she used to be anyways, lol).

Look at that guy he is brave, crazy or just plain courageous, I mean he like jumped infront of that bullet!
by Alex Pipe July 8, 2004
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Knowing there is almost certain failure but doing it anyway.
He asked the supermodel out on a date. That took courage.
by TheJEnigma March 29, 2004
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A highly over-rated and impractically idealized quality, often depicted on television. Rarely comes into play, especially when needed the most. Some might think it lies in tight torso and bulging muscles, in tanks and in guns, when in reality it's just a state of mind.

Also the name of a cartoon dog.
"I used to have courage. Then I woke up one night and saw my ex-wife sitting on top of me, holding a knife. At that moment, I don't know, the courage just pooped out of me."
by trulyYours February 24, 2013
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Don't leap away from naughty, scary things. Just spit on in.
Joe pissed in his pants 'cos he had no courage.
by Ant-courage Activist April 10, 2003
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The ability to have no skills, but do something really stupid anyway. See Moron.
After kayaking just one season, "I think my biggest accomplishment is having one of the worst breaks the surgeon had seen and getting back on the river within two and half months after shattering my arm off a 25 foot waterfall." See kayaker. I have more than just keyboard courage, I'm up for this year's Darwin Awards.
by Mysterio-MrZero December 8, 2006
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