1. When someone has asked you to do something for them, in which you agreed to do it, but then you forget to.
2. When you borrow something then lose or break it and dont tell the borrower, then they ask about it.
3. When you owe someone then you don't have their money.
1. Hey Miller what happened to you last night i thought you were going to come over and smoke one?
"About that....."
2. Hey fatboy wheres that T-rock cd I let you borrow did you copy it yet?
"About that....."
3.Yo Matt you got that 120 you owe me bwoy?
"About that....."
by Dustin Hise October 20, 2006
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When someone says a comment that is totally irrational, irrelevent, a dumbass comment, makes no sense, shows signs of deleriessness, or when someone you don't know jumps into your conversation... 'about that' is perfect in those situations
-Check out the new psp i just got yesterday

-Damn that thing is tight, i'm thinkin bout getting one now

-(Random kid) Dude is that the new Psp!!

- "About that......."
by Aaron Zettler April 16, 2005
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when someone says an unfunny joke which is then followed by silence. so to break the silence you say "about that".
Bill: Yeah, so then i said "you're about as funny as my mother!" (laughs hysterically)


Craig: ...about that
by mmmmmmhmmmmmmm August 11, 2010
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Used in slang especially in Britain, in place of "No Way" or "Bullshit"
The way it works is that it negates the following sentence, much in the way the above examples would. used in street slang and grime music
Geoffrey: Hey mike i heard you fucked tony?
Mike: about i ragged tony, i'm not gay blud

by BrassManBlaze March 12, 2009
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