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An initialism of the words Mega Piss Skill.

Often used in reference to ones ability to cause destruction to toilet cubicles, by means of mass-urination across all surfaces.
This behavioural act is most-often undertaken by frustrated commuters on packed trains, and renders the toilet cubical unusable by others. By creating inconvenience and raising misery to fellow travellers, this (relatively speaking), causes a reduction in their own misery, and makes them (effectively) happier. This form of relativity was never published by Einstein, but most likely, was at the forefront of his theories and was the catalyst for his greatest thoughts.

Adverse effects may be encountered when, after participating in MPS, you find yourself in a position where you need to re-use the toilet, being forced to stand in pools of your own piss.
Veteran MPS users may hone their skills to almost god-like levels, and undertake advanced techniques such as urinating only upon the toilet-roll. Unsuspecting subsequent users of the toilet will, on initial inspection, consider the cubical clean and will proceed to engage in defecation. Only on completing this act and requiring to wipe faeces residue from their crack, will they find the toilet-paper unusable.
Ted: "Holy crap, I need MPS"
5mins later…..
Ted: "I destroyed the toilet"
Petey: "Holy shit. MPS, man!"

30mins later……..
Petey: " Fuck, I need a piss, but Ted ruined the toilet with his MPS"
by Fuckster5000 May 20, 2009
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Stands for Magical Penis Syndrome.

When an aesthetic man fucks like a greek god.
A Girl would say, '"I fucked an aesthetic guy last week with MPS! I'm going to be horny all week now."
by Aesthetic jew August 30, 2017
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Stands for "Memes Per Second".
This refers to how many memes may be uploaded to a server or holder per second.
Billy was banned from the server because he exceeded the MPS limit.
by BiL Ka April 05, 2017
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Micro Penis syndrome. It is when you have a tiny dicko and it falls out when you have sexy time.
My boyfriend has MPS so I don't have orgasms and I love to queef
by Hellogogo March 08, 2018
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Magic Pussy Syndrome - a mindset that afflicts certain women with thinking that they are somehow special, above their female peers and men who try to approach them, due to the special status their pussy (being female) gives them.

These women believe they are princesses who deserve special treatment because they own a vagina.
Helen has a major case of MPS, she treats guys like dirt unless they supplicate like slaves.
by X-fireDude April 30, 2009
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a school district in Milwaukee that has some of the best and worst schools in Wisconsin. Also one of the worst district in Wisconsin.
Bob: Damn, MPS sucks!

Tommy: Man, fuck MPS and all it's schools.

Remmy: Why are you dissing MPS?

Tom and Bob: Cuz Remmy, MPS sucks and its the worst district in Wisconsin.
by Thekidwhoisakidthatgoestomps January 25, 2011
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Not only does Zac suffer from a red raw case of MPS, but he's well on his way to being our generations male version of Liza Minneli.
by nottobemessedwith June 10, 2009
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