A man who picks up women by showing them his dick.
I met Petey last night and man was he hard as rocks!
by Mviacnheasesla December 13, 2007
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1) A poor technical support representative that is often the butt of everyone's jokes. See: Jack-ass 2) A retarded person that plays the trombone in a marching band.
Don't pass the ball to Petey, he is fuckin' stupid.
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
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the tolkien itialian that dosent get many girls! but a very rich guy!
by shocksta February 25, 2003
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See samie and ally
Petey posseses some, if not all of the qualities, commenly associated with ally and samie.
Only slightly HARDCORE, and not into goats. Displays few signs of being gay max. She unlike her companions, may NOT have my babies, as if i nail her, i only get $2.
Although i'm sure it would be enjoyable.
Shows some signs of enjoying the company of Molly . Quite possibly too much.
'Hey petey, why aren't you being HARDCORE?'
'Hey petey...petey....petey what are you doing to molly? Oh ok.....well does ally know? I think you should tell her. No? Well at least can i join in?. Goodie.'
by Mosha Trix December 19, 2003
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When another person (more commonly a boy) breast feeds, licks the nipples, or sucks the nipple of a girl when hooking up.

Compared to motorboating, but less vigorous and slightly sketchy. This unusual and definitely not necessary form of 2.5 base is performed in more of a baby to mother fashion instead of between two people of closer age who are sexuality attracted to each other.
pete - omg isabel your tits are so nice
isabel - haha thanks...
pete - ill give them my own special treatment
(peteys her)

1 - did you hear about pete and isabel
2 - yea i heard he was peteying her and she got creeped out and dumped him
by funinthebush123 April 20, 2011
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