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Initiating physical contact with a girl, in order to induce sexual vibes and get the girl in the mood. Often used together with NLP as a powerful combination in seducing a girl. By doing kino, one also demonstrates his high alpha values and let's the girl know he is a sexual creature.

Something AFC will never do, because he is too nice, gentleman and goes against his code of chivalry.
Kino is the difference between getting a girl and not getting a girl
by X-fireDude January 19, 2009
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Typically a beta male AFC (average frustrated chump) who is usually a very boring, needy, possessive and jealous to his girlfriend. Kind of a nice guy.

This kind of man has very few qualities that women find attractive, and women usually stick around only until their options open up, when they opt for a more suitable alpha male.
Jenny dumped her borefriend for that PUA dude.

John is the alpha dude who liberated Ayako from her borefriend.
by X-fireDude January 19, 2009
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The act of sarging, picking up women and seduction that occurs at nighttime (unlike daygame). It usually takes place in nightclubs, bars and similar establishments. Women are expecting to be approached at during the nightgame, so their bitch shields are much higher and much more difficult to break.

Kino escalation happens much faster during the nightgame, and it is well possible to close the deal with sex.
My nightgame is better than my daygame.

Brian really sucks at nightgame.
by X-fireDude January 27, 2009
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Magic Pussy Syndrome - a mindset that afflicts certain women with thinking that they are somehow special, above their female peers and men who try to approach them, due to the special status their pussy (being female) gives them.

These women believe they are princesses who deserve special treatment because they own a vagina.
Helen has a major case of MPS, she treats guys like dirt unless they supplicate like slaves.
by X-fireDude April 30, 2009
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