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The feeling men get when they like their girlfriend too much.
Julie: Duane, I like you.

Duane: Julie I think you should date the wine guy because I'm scared of getting hurt.
by Dreaminthemirror March 06, 2007
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Scared - Terrified
George Nathan is a pussy and is Scared of bananas and is scared of pussy... After watching the movie teeth
by kushgreenaf February 13, 2015
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When you're afraid of people finding out you're a fucking puss.
When you ask Nate to get on Siege but he's fuckin' scared. to. death.
by Brabb555 May 29, 2017
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A word that describes a feeling people get when they have been busted in serious crimes against not only the american people but myself ..I'm contacting federal agents to take over this matter and appointing a federal lawyer to handle the case ..good luck
Dont be scared jail isn't that bad
by Rollin thunder November 26, 2018
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Adj. What a thirsty woman says if she's putting down sex (usually right after she's met you) but you ain't hearin' it. Sometimes seen as "scared of women," "scared of me," or just plain "scared."
Woman: "I would do you real good...I'd give you just what you want..."
*showing off all she's got* "BAM! Look at that body!" *shows off some skin*
"You sure you don't want a drink? I want to see what you're like when you're drunk."
"Buy me a drink."
"I want to see what you're packin'..."

At this point, a family member or friend might step in to help.
*looks at her, looks at you, like "So, what do ya think?"

"She wants you."

"She's a good woman, she'll treat you right."
"Please, just do it for me."

You: Naw...

Her: What, you scared?

(Even if you're upfront with her, she might keep on asking this over and over if she still thinks she still might have a chance. She might also try to touch your body, or tell everyone you're scared. Your best bet is to flee, and never return.
by July 18, 2015
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6 sit somewhere in perpetual fear of something.
2.for ones hair to stand on end and one to emmit a high pitched scream of tension
1."piss of i ain't goin on no f**kin emu's back"
2.You F**kin BAS***D you F**Kin made me shit myself
by reb October 17, 2003
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