Employees of Electronic Arts, a video game company with studios all over the world. They favor paying their employees with bagels and Coca-Cola and forcing them to sleep in the office rather than providing them with a living wage.
When you walk through the parking garage you see all of the nice cars belonging to upper management. It's not until you attend a company function offsite that you see all of the crappy cars that the slaves are forced to drive.
by Billy-Ray November 8, 2004
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An adjective to describe something that sucks...real bad. It sucks so bad in fact, that we can only compare it's suckiness to the opression of black people up until the early 1800's.
Reno: Dude, this burrito sucks.

JC: Totally dude. My cheese isn't even melted.

::takes a bite::

JC: This burrito friggin' slaves.
by JC Frenzy December 27, 2005
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Someone who is willingly owned as property by a master or mistress. Slaves have a very deep need to please and serve a Dominant person, and doing so is the only way they can feel truly happy and complete. Not to be confused with a bottom or submissive.
Ignorant people often think owning a slave like me by mutual consent is abusive, not understanding that we want and need this.
by Slave Vivi March 1, 2010
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Derives from the Latin word for "Slavic". The Slavics are Europeans who were enslaved throughout history by the Greeks and Romans (who sold them to Arabs and Africans in North Africa and Spain), the Vikings, and even the Germans and Russians (in more recent times). So although ignorant people will use the term "slave" to disparage people of African descent, the term is actually more associated with Europeans.
"I never knew that the Slavics were slaves to the Greeks and Romans centuries ago until I did some research on it".
by IBTAL November 25, 2019
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1. S&M term to describe the submissive or submissives.

2. Human property.

3. Setting on a secondary hard disk drive, CD-Rom, etc.
1. You know the punishment for trying escape from your cage! On you knees slave, this is going to hurt.

2. Shaniqua thinks she's entitled to extra welfare because her great great great graddaddy was a slave.

3. I set the jumper on the back of the drive to slave and hooked it up on the IDE cable, but Windows still will not recognize it.
by Jon Doe September 2, 2003
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As kenny ackerman once said everyones a slave to something. Thats true cause your gonna be a slave in my basement soon
Lol no you fucking dont slave
by Lord chadington the 3rd January 1, 2021
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One who works for EA games. the have to work from 9am to 10pm 7 days a week, and can sometimes get off from work on saturday at 6:30 pm for good behavior. they get no vacation time and as a result of their fatigue they, the make games of lesser quality. for god sakes docters dont work these hours and still get paid more. until recently they were forced to work these hours and do uncompensated over time. Do your self a favor and dont work for them.
The slaves almost have it better than EA employees by a very thin margin
by Demon Eyes neo August 26, 2006
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