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Employees of Electronic Arts, a video game company with studios all over the world. They favor paying their employees with bagels and Coca-Cola and forcing them to sleep in the office rather than providing them with a living wage.
When you walk through the parking garage you see all of the nice cars belonging to upper management. It's not until you attend a company function offsite that you see all of the crappy cars that the slaves are forced to drive.
by Billy-Ray November 08, 2004
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the act of doing something slow and safe
Yo do me a favor and hop on the hood of the my truck and see if my lights are on, dont worry ill drive slafe so you wont fall off
by Beau Rosa April 22, 2008
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An adjective to describe something that sucks...real bad. It sucks so bad in fact, that we can only compare it's suckiness to the opression of black people up until the early 1800's.
Reno: Dude, this burrito sucks.

JC: Totally dude. My cheese isn't even melted.

::takes a bite::

JC: This burrito friggin' slaves.
by JC Frenzy December 26, 2005
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n. Relatively small tits on a girl. It derivates from the term "struggling Bs." If a girl's tits are not quite B cup, but larger than your usual A cup, they could be considered struggling Bs. Also, "B" can be a short moniker for a black person. Therefore, struggling Bs can be called slaves.
Bro 1: Damn that girl has some tiny boobs.
Bro 2: Yeah, but I've seen smaller.
Bro 1: Yeah, I guess you're right, those are some slaves for sure.
Bro 2: For sure bro.
by Mr. MattMc March 15, 2009
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