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According to Mean Girls, it is a very dangerous thing to do.
Coach Carr: Don't have sex... 'cause you will get pregnant- and die.
by 優正義 May 30, 2012
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A massive dump that takes 10 to 15 times to flush.
After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
by JRBIV December 11, 2019
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Finn texted “Hey what’s up?”. Laura replied “I’m naked in bed”. He told her that he was all alone and his parents were gone. Lana replied “😉” .Lana put on a thong and no bra. She came to Finns window and called for him. He immediately was turned on when he saw Laura’s tight clothes. He got up and walked over to her saying no words, he simply wrapped his arms around her hips and proceeded to lightly kiss her lips. Laura kissed Finn back, wrapping her arms around his body. They moved toward his bed and continued making out. Finns hands crept up Laura’s shirt and massaged her boobs.Finn slowly took off Laura’s shirt and started kissing her body. She began sliding off his boxers to reveal his boner. Finn moved back up to Laura’s face and they began to French. She started running her hand up and down his cock. Finn gently pushed Laura back and got on top of her. He pulled off her skirt and thong.Finn slid back up and began making out with Laura again. He started teasing her and running his dick on her vagina. Finn went inside of Laura thrusting slowly but soon went faster and faster. He was pounding her insides so hard and going so deep. They both orgasmed at the same time. Finn pulled out and cummed all up her stomach. Laura got on top and began humping Finn as well as she could. They both screamed with pleasure “OOOHHH YESSSSSS” “MMMMMM” “AHHH”. Both Finn and Laura loved it so much that they went on all night. In the morning, they were both very sore, but didn’t regret it
Jake: Wanna have sex?
Rebecca: Hell yeah
by Frenchpussy May 14, 2019
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"I wish I was getting sex tonight instead of looking it up on Urban dictionary..."
by blahderdash April 14, 2009
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Sex is the acronym for the way humans are created. S stands for Super, E stands for extraterrestrial, and X stands for Xenomorphing. So sex is Super Extraterrestrial Xenomorphing. The way it works is the storks deliver the baby to the mom. The baby is created by crushing high energy mass, and the rest ends up in the mom's belly. The mom goes to the hospital so they make sure that she doesn't drop the baby. And she also had to scream really loudly for the storks to know where she is.
by JooperPooper12345 November 06, 2017
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The process of reproduction-or the process of pleasure.
"Follow me." I lead him to my bedroom. I walk toward him and kiss him ever so passionately. He doesn't seem to mind because we start to make out. Tounge is included. He leads me the bed and I fall on it. He gets on top of me and his hands slide up my shirt. He grabs and rubs my tits, and I moan. I whisper dirty things in his ear and tell him to take off my shirt. He obeys and soon my bra is off too. He sucks my tits as I grab his crotch. I moan, and he pulls off my pants. He pulls off my panties and I realize he's still fully dressed. He quickly takes off his shirt as I pull off his pants and boxers. I whisper in his ear to fuck me. Soon he's inside of me, fucking me hard. I scream for him to go faster and he obeys. I scream for him to go harder and he obeys. I scream for him to go deeper and he obeys. I moan, my pussy wet. I feel warm liquid seep into my vagina. He cummed. I stick my finger in my pussy, get a fingerful of the stuff, then put it in my mouth and swallow it. We fuck hard throughout the night. the morning we fuck again. Before he leaves we have more sex, and make out. He leaves, and I realize I love him. 2 Months Later
I'm scared, we fucked again a month ago, before he left for his business trip. He's back now and.I'm visiting him. I knock on the door. He answers and I go inside. I tell him we need to talk and he freaks out. When we're both sitting i lean forward and say, "Daniel, I'm pregnant." He gives me a look, and says under his breath, "Fuck."
by errorcannotdisplayname February 07, 2015
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Face it, the only reason that you're looking up sex right now is so that you can get horny from people's definitions.
Bro, I just looked up sex on urban dictionary. It was so much better than porn.
by sex:) July 19, 2012
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