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Pussy so enchanting that a man canโ€™t think about anything or about any other women. Men will do or say anything to have another taste and are continually drawn back to her even though they have broken up. Magic Pussy (MP) is the highest rated Pussy a woman can ever have. Only 1% of women fit into this category.
Kathyโ€™s exes wonโ€™t leave her alone. Her Magic Pussy holds a spell over them!
by Keldan13 May 07, 2018
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A pussy so amazingly good that it is reason enough to ignore the woman's flaws. Whether she is annoying, bitchy, boring, ugly, stupid, and crazy, a magic pussy is capable of making up for either or all of these flaws. It is the type of pussy that might belong to a woman who you dislike so much, yet can't get her wonderful pussy out of your head, and you will cry when you can't find another one just like it. =( I miss you so much magic pussy.
Me: Gawd, I hate that stupid bitch, I can't stand her, whenever she talks I just think of ways to kill myself or her. We have nothing in common, and paying for 2 movie tickets and a McDonald's meal seems to much money to spend on her.

Friend: Then why do you keep going out with her?

Me: Cuz she got the magic pussy.

Friend: So what, there are tons of other pussy out there.

Me: Are you stupid or something? I said she has the magic pussy. 'Nough said.
by bas7ard January 19, 2011
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a pussy that if you stick your dick into it, you'll never get desperate again. You'll be the most confident motherfucker on the face of the earth, and will start to accept girls for who they are, rather than what they got. Very few girls have it. Not all celebrity women have it, even some girls who aren't celebrities, but just very hot bitches have it. approximately 1/1000 jocks have gotten it, and some male celebrities.
I hit the magic pussy and bust both nuts permanently. What a mess, but it felt good tho.
by bojzzle September 01, 2004
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