A not-so-manly man dressing like a lumberjack (although a lot more refined) and sporting a beard that has the volume of a lumberjacks beard and the groom of a hipster, cashing in on the "rugged, outdoor stereotype"
Most of these guys aren't very good with their hands and only want to seem so because God forbid you would get those soft lotion treated hands dirty.
Lumberjacks are typically known for their strength and being able to work with their hands. Most lumbersexuals would be stumped changing a tire.
Dave is such a lumbersexual, in his work boots and flannelette shirt and that well groomed beard.
Yeah you should see him trying to check his oil though haha!
by RS300boi November 19, 2015
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Young and middle-aged male urbanites whose sartorial choices are characterized by thick and well-groomed beards, styled haircuts, and clothing that tends towards the rugged. The Lumbersexual is really an off-shoot of that H word we all think about often and still dislike saying (no, not herpes) though in this case there is a pronounced emphasis on practice of physical craft, obscure skill-sets, and old-timey traditions and methods of manufacture. Additionally, the style can be read as either an earnest celebration of or parody of traditional masculinity, though do not ask the Lumbersexual to tell you which it is - just like the rest of us these days he is probably at a loss to discern a difference between the two.
Have you seen Max Dawson lately? His beard grown to a tremendous length, which along with landing himself on this season of Survivor really completes his transformation to Lumbersexual.
by bigteeeth January 25, 2015
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A gen y or later man whom is trying desperately to be masculine by looking the part instead of being the part, eg, dressing up like a lumberjack. This is done primarily to capture lost or missing masculinity due to being emasculated by things such as his childhood environment (effeminate father, overbearing soccer mom mother, play dates, trophies for losing.... etc.), feminism, modern urban culture, and "Sex In The City" reruns. He tries to achieve this masculinity by mimicking real men, and in this particular case a lumberjack due to their connection to blue collar work and an outdoor workplace. To distinguish between the two a number of markers serve as convincing evidence to determine between the real man and the poser. 1. Look at their hands. A lumberjack will have leather for skin, many scars, and sometimes (more often than not) crooked fingers from broken bones not properly set and treated with twigs and duct tape.... a lumbersexual will have smooth, soft hands that smell like lotion. 2. Look at their face. The lumberjack will have weathered skin and probably some scars attributed to flying debris, cable burrs, falling branches, and a number of scenarios involving axes and chain saws. 3. Offer to buy them coffee. The lumberjack will have straight up coffee, maybe with a little cream. The lumbersexual will have some sort of latte or some other fancy schmancy french shit.
Ryan looked dashing in his LL Bean shirt and work boots as he put lotion on his skin, he is such a lumbersexual.
by straightupword February 1, 2015
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A sexy man who dresses in denim, leather, and flannel, and has a ruggedly sensual beard
You can find all the hottest Lumbersexuals that live in NYC at Rochelle's on Chrystie Street.
by Ms. Hetfield November 20, 2014
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Ruggedly strong men that could go backpacking this weekend if they wanted but can also sit at a laptop all day coding or researching the interweb's most pressing cat videos.
Commonly seen with a slightly unruly but professional beard and wearing flannel shirts, Patagucci puff jackets, corduroy or denim pants, Chacos and/or boots, if it's cold. (Lumbersexuals don't get cold toes. Ever.)

They're channeling their inner mountain man, but have tamed it down for the urban jungle, baby!
Over his chai double-shot latte, my neighborhood lumbersexual informed me that he's undecided: Should he hike Sykes Hotsprings this weekend or stay in the city? On second thought, some couchsurfers from Portland are coming down for a microbrew tour, and he'll probably just host them...
by RoadtripRipple January 16, 2015
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A Metro-sexual who has the need to hold on to some outdoor based rugged-ness, thus opting to keep a finely trimmed beard.
George Michael is a total lumbersexual.
Yeah man, so is Don Johnson.
by Adam Mateljan February 27, 2008
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A man who humps anyone who gives him wood.
Dale's a lumbersexual. He doesn't care who give him his wood, long as he gets to share the timber.
by Joe Corey February 14, 2004
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