the single greatest article of clothing ever to be invented by mankind.
jimmy got hit by a bus, he died...but his friend bob was next to him and got hit by the bus as well...but bob survived, because the flannel absorbed the bus into a different dimension.
by Bryan Wulff December 11, 2005
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soft cotton with a plad pattern-usually buttoned on clothing
"becky your flannel shirt is so cute"
by floppyfish102 September 27, 2017
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mass noun British informal bland fluent talk indulged in to avoid addressing a difficult subject or situation directly
a simple admittance of ignorance was much to be preferred to any amount of flannel
by cribbins June 1, 2012
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an article of clothing that makes you automatically a gay or very white. that’s just the way it works. i don’t make the rules.
micheal: “damn, lashawna looks so fine in that flannel. i would love to rip that shit off.”

quentin: “dawg, she a whole lesbian-“
by savamaylei September 15, 2020
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A famous internet troll, known for hijacking message boards by building copycat boards and directing members of the victim board to the copycat. Also known for creating havoc on message boards by ID trolling unsuspecting victims by replacing the letter "m" with "rn", such as the ID troll "horner1443" for trolling "homer1443".

To be a victim of Flannel's trolling, one is said to be "flanneled".

"UnemployedFarmer sure got flanneled today"
by Bart Bozton February 10, 2009
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a group of lesbians assembled or gathered together.
A flannel of lesbians showed up to view the gaggle of geese nesting by the lake.
by Steve Hafer June 24, 2007
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a man who may be seen as being a bit pathetic or boring.
sam stop being a flannel and come out tonight!
by edwardgott October 9, 2011
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