A Dawson is a perfect person. His laugh,his smile, his voice ,his eyes. He can make you fall in love just by looking in your eyes . His amazing words can't even explain how perfect he is.
Look at his eyes he much be a Dawson.

I fell in love with a dawson.
by His love :) March 31, 2014
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A very sexy, yummy boy who is usually good at sports and tall. He is funny as hell, and plays hard to get.
"Damn, Dawson is mighty fine!"
by ristricted December 31, 2011
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Dawson is the most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is the best boyfriend and the most loyal person. You could search the whole planet and never find a better guy than him. He spoils you and is very selfless. He is a caring man who always thinks of the needs of others. He looks out for everyone and loves you more than anything you will know. You could fall in love with him in a second, and you could trust him with your life. He is also very hot
Friend 1: Do you go out with Dawson?
Friend 2: Yes!
Friend 1: Omg you lucky girl, make sure you keep him, won't find another guy as good as him.
by laurathesissy July 16, 2015
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A Dawson is someone who can make you fall in love with just a slight smirk and a sideways glance. Nothing can describe how beautiful his sparkling blue eyes and golden brownish blonde hair shimmers in the sunlight and how his cute little smile could quite literally cure cancer. A Dawson is someone who knows how to use his looks to his advantage, he'll never admit it, but he thinks he's model-status, and most of the time he is. But he can also be kind of a douche bag, but nonetheless, he's one of the best people you will ever lay your eyes on or meet.
Person: hey! Did you see that cute guy walking by?
Other Person: Yeah! He must be a Dawson!
by Wizzoward February 14, 2019
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A all around awesome person with, if you have one in your life you need to be nice to him. There perfect eyes and smile is outstanding, they are usually short but are mighty. Dawson's are the best at sports. People think they are bad people but are really great... nice sweet and a perfect person for girls.
Girl: oh my god that's a Dawson go talk to him
by lilD124 March 2, 2021
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Didn’t give him what he wanted so he went to my best friend. Dawson’s are fuck boys.
by D_butt_1 April 1, 2018
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Some kid who likes fortnite and chews his fat thick jacket lace when he is bored
guy: Yo look at dawson hes chewing his jacket lace
other guy: who the fudge cares
by xdgangforlife October 29, 2018
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