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Young and middle-aged male urbanites whose sartorial choices are characterized by thick and well-groomed beards, styled haircuts, and clothing that tends towards the rugged. The Lumbersexual is really an off-shoot of that H word we all think about often and still dislike saying (no, not herpes) though in this case there is a pronounced emphasis on practice of physical craft, obscure skill-sets, and old-timey traditions and methods of manufacture. Additionally, the style can be read as either an earnest celebration of or parody of traditional masculinity, though do not ask the Lumbersexual to tell you which it is - just like the rest of us these days he is probably at a loss to discern a difference between the two.
Have you seen Max Dawson lately? His beard grown to a tremendous length, which along with landing himself on this season of Survivor really completes his transformation to Lumbersexual.
by bigteeeth January 25, 2015
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