Based on the brand Patagonia, a word used to describe their (arguably) overpriced clothing brand that is meant for outdoor activities, and is very useful and effective for such. Although many people still wear it for camping, hiking, and such, it has been largely taken over by people in Finance/Medicine/Computer Science who have recently landed high-paying jobs. Many companies also provide their jackets/vests or other clothing with their logos to their employees. Due to this, it has become a known unwritten uniform to many company's employees.
Example 1:

Man, I just got a bag of stuff for landing a job at (insert big finance firm/hospital/Tech Company)! Hmm, I got a folder with some brochures, some crappy pens, a yeti mug with the company logo on it, and a Patagucci vest. Time to wear it 24/7, at work or in public!
by TriBeCaBoy56 May 20, 2021
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The ugliest fucking thing in the store, but as long as it says Patagonia on it, it’s fucking rad.
Yo, I picked up some fresh patagucci today. I got a trucker hat, a Synchilla, and purple baggies. Also, I got some chacos.
by outdoorbore July 8, 2018
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The finest, chicest brand of outdoor gear available. It's prices reflect the chic nature, urban-outdoor friendliness and fabulous color schemes that Yvon Chouinard's Patagonia company produces. A fave among the yoga-girl set. They are really nice clothes. Look for the web special on the site.
My Solar Green White Smoke Patagucci jacket keeps me safe and protected from the elements when I stride out every morning to walk the dog.
by Cmackg October 20, 2005
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