something a nigger will never use
how do u bankrupt a nigger?

put his welfare check in his work boots
by niggerhater666....mattc February 7, 2011
A kick to the vagina while the female is currently having her periord or on the "rag" if you will.
"That bitch was pissing me off so I gave her a rusty work boot."
by Birdo McGee April 16, 2006
A vagina so beaten up it looks like an old tongue out of a work boot.
middle aged women suffer from work boot tongue
by work boot tongue June 26, 2008
The Filipino Work Boot is a lewd act involving the act of ejaculating into a shoe, slipper, or otherwise foot holding device. It is extremely hilarious, and should be performed at least three times a week for good measure.
"Man, Tim was pissed when he put on his moccasins and found out I had given him a Filipino Work Boot"

"Wow, you are awesome and not fat at all!"
by Chunk Knuckle February 27, 2010
Someone is pooping in your work boots when he is impeding you from doing your job.

In other words, he's bothering you while you're working or preventing you from doing your job.
FBI Guy: Don't touch anything, no trespassing..until we say so..

Forensics Guy: Man, You're pooping in my work boots!!
by sammyag April 19, 2009
The act of stomping the hell out of someone once they are on the ground. Usually associated with a group of friends stomping a single individual
Yo mickey, hit em once, then it's just bootwork.
by Mo February 20, 2004