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that which belongs in the basket-and-I stress this highly- if one refuses to put the lotion where it belongs, one WILL get the hose. Also, before placing it in said basket, it should be rubbed on the skin.
by hot sauce March 11, 2004
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To lotion is the same as to chirpse or make movements.
John: have u heard about jack and emma

Abdi: yh i heard hes tryna lotion her
by FAMZINHO July 04, 2016
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What makes something slippery and SOFT.

Instead of going barehanded and making it hard, i used LOTION
by aznsavage222 May 28, 2004
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a cheap, inexpensive lubricant used for jacking off.
As he popped the porn movie in the dvd player, he reached for the hand lotion. . .
by Fatass February 13, 2003
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A Topical Analgesic.
Hey buddy, I could use some of that lotion over there. I need a topical analgesic to soothe my boils!
by Alto Bizzalto October 28, 2004
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To ingratiate, to flatter, to butter up in order to achieve an end result, to obtain and maintain friendship or other relationship. To deliberately and possibly insincerely, insinuate oneself into the graces and company of a person or group by using compliments, favours and excess attention.
Jamaican/Caribbean usage common in use in culture, films, dancehall reggae music and daily life.

In the literal sense, this term denotes derision wherein a man who "lotions" another man is actually lubricating him for anal sex. In the usual vernacular however, it simply means kissing ass - a term which has its own similar connotations. The general usage is to state emphatically that "we don't lotion" as in to say the individual refuses to pretend to like someone or a situation.
We don't lotion man. We don't lotion pet nor powder. ~ "No Retreat, No Surrender" by Terror Fabulous
~ "We don't lotion man, woman we powder, we don't powder man"
by thenewbreed July 03, 2019
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A secret word for Marijuana. Primarily used to for talking about weed in situations where it would be considered unacceptable.
Hey whats up man, you got any lotion on you? My skin is dry. I don't but i was about to get some on my lunch break.

Man I'm super lotioned up right now.
by Incosleep July 08, 2019
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