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A not-so-manly man dressing like a lumberjack (although a lot more refined) and sporting a beard that has the volume of a lumberjacks beard and the groom of a hipster, cashing in on the "rugged, outdoor stereotype"
Most of these guys aren't very good with their hands and only want to seem so because God forbid you would get those soft lotion treated hands dirty.
Lumberjacks are typically known for their strength and being able to work with their hands. Most lumbersexuals would be stumped changing a tire.
Dave is such a lumbersexual, in his work boots and flannelette shirt and that well groomed beard.
Yeah you should see him trying to check his oil though haha!
by RS300boi November 19, 2015
A suburb of Western Sydney, NSW Australia
Used to be a lot of housing commission homes, still is, full of yobbos home of dole bludgers and shitbox cars
ay shazza wanna go down tha corner shop 4 smoko?
yer bazza then we gonna go shag in the back of the kingy (Kingswood)
omigod, the dole people r gonna come to mount druitt
ah well just give em a VB maaate
by RS300boi September 23, 2007