1. n. Beer which is produced locally in small quantities or breweries and not nationally distributed. Oposite of Budweiser or Labatts. Served mostly in local bars, Brasseries, and at beer festivals. Can also be obtained through mail order clubs on the net.
Damn, that Saint-Ambroise is a good Microbrew.
by G.H. Hadden May 5, 2005
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A microbrew loses its exclusive status when bought out by large corporately funded breweries or it is distributed nationally.
New Belgium Brewing Company used to make microbrews but since becoming a widely popular beer company its brews have changed status and become premium (American) domestic beers.
by Molly C October 20, 2007
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A Beer-Drinking movement, started at Colorado College, where every Monday evening is spent casually drinking Microbrews and celebrating beer for its exquisite flavors and artistic values in addition to its ability to cure any Monday stresses.
Cyrus: man, I can't believe the weekend's over, this week's gonna kick my ass

Mike: cheer up mate, it's the best day of the week... Microbrew Monday!

Cyrus: oh yeah you're right! Monday is the new Friday!
by Micro Brewly January 25, 2011
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The string-cheese style poop that is produced when consuming fair amounts of micro or home brew. Some attribute these types of poops based on the large amount of yeast left in the unfiltered beer.
Q: You have a headache from last night?

A: No, but I've got the string-cheesey poops bad... Microbrew Ass something fierce!
by ClownShoe July 19, 2011
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