A name given to those who "land" on a lot of women. To be more specific, as much as every single woman in existence.
Man 1: Lander really lives by his name! He has slept with every single girl on earth!

Man 2: On earth? Rumours tell that he'll be "landing" on Mars soon!
Man 1:Well, he has my blessing. That guy has one hell of an endurance.
by Chainsaw_Vader June 21, 2011
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Lander is Danish slang for "Calender", where one would write information on important dates such as work schedules.
Vickee forgot when she was supposed to be at work because she doesnt believe in "Landers"
by Dnwlsh April 10, 2009
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The group of people with this last name suffer from being accidentally called Flanders instead on impact.
Please raise your hand when i call your last name.
...Its Landers!!!
by Melissaaa June 24, 2008
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A hurtful nickname given to someone with an extreme lack of swimming ability, often unable to even set foot in water, especially without inflatable aids. Named landers because land is the only place they are safe. Often phobic of water.
Haha, everyone, look at that landers, he's such a loser, scared of water! Phahahaaaaaa
That guy can't swim you know, what a landers!
by landboy August 18, 2011
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A long thin stick used for writing, doodling, or drawing in outdoor settings.

See also Sealander (writing in the sand) and Elander (writing in dirt)
The little boy doodled in the cement with a lander.
by zantern June 21, 2005
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Degenerate losing sports bettor who borrows money from co-workers and doesn't pay them back, takes out car title loans, and writes bad checks to chase his losses. He only plays big public favorites and square parlays. He likes to gamble and post on gambling forums while on family vacation. When you see a Brock Landers "Rubberband Play", pound the opposite side with confidence.
Brock Landers: Illinois is only -6? A FUKKIN RUBBERBAND PLAY!
by broke lenders January 13, 2012
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Second guitarist for Rammstein. Fucking hilarious on stage, and overall a legendary person, just like the other Rammstein members. Used to play in Feeling B with Rammstein's keyboardist Christian "Flake" Lorenz.
by Lithium September 12, 2015
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