The greatest TFC player of all time. One of the most outstanding medics to ever grace the game of Team Fortress Classic. Bringing skill and originality all into play. After him there will be none.. he is the ONE. He is known to be found in #VD .
Wow.. EndurancE got his 5th double airshot this round.
by Alex aka Ultima April 14, 2007
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A game where you have to take as many pulls on a zoot as you can, then the next person has to beat your score.
"oi jaison, want to play endurance?"
"yeah man bring it on"
by con man 1993 October 25, 2009
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putting up with; working through; going through ; lasting- this word is NOT an adjective at all not even a little no matter what says God
She is enduring great physical pain after her surgery.
by Towelie McTowel January 08, 2009
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Coming from the French language it describes someone who is tough.
"Don't give up, be a bit more endurant."
"He is quite endurant if it comes to that."
by Nicistarful April 25, 2016
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Code word for 'being a little bitch boy and possessing the ability to take it'
That guy Base has got great endurance.
by QueenofSavage November 08, 2017
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An ability that one gains after hours upon hours of gaming, of not needing to eat. While in Gaming Endurance state, one cannot perform simple daily tasks like taking out the trash without loosing the ability and feeling hungry again.
Guy 1: Dude, you've been playing WoW like 10 hours straight, aren't you starving?
Guy 2: Nah man, I got Gaming Endurance. I can go on for 10 more without breaking sweat..
by Juriel Minimus November 26, 2011
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