Increament or Addition to the Income or Salary
Worker : "...I have been Working hard since last Month..."

Boss : "What, Looking for a raise? Get Out!"
by Alan S June 28, 2005
parent or parents (someone who has "raised" you since childhood)
I am having Thanksgiving dinner with the raise this year.
by Nique January 22, 2004
"man im tryin to raise it and play some video games"
by regalafold January 14, 2010
Film-noir/Hardboiled Novel slang for "get it contact with." The term is derived from the phrase "raise the dead" where "the dead" is a metaphor for an uncommunicative person.
"Where you able to raise your sister?"

"Hey man, do you know what's up with Steve? I can't raise 'im."
by Wonkotehsane December 26, 2008
i got a raise out of our boss *wink *wink
by vagsmash February 6, 2012
To add on top of a previous bet in poker; Often to get the most out of your hand, scare other players, or straight out bluff.
Player 1: "I'll bet 400."
Player 2: "I'll see your 400, and raise you another 1600"
Player 1: "...I'll fold."

Player 1: "I'll bet 200."
Player 2: "I'll re-raise 2000."
Player 1: "You are bluffing, I re-raise you All In."
Player 2: ".....fold."
Player 1: "Haha you suck I had nothing!"
by Ian Ng March 1, 2006